Feature Article on Artistic Director - Michael Scholar, Jr.

Michael Scholar Jr. was interviewed for Arts Culture Beat about his career, November Theatre, and his upcoming projects.

As the capital and second-largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Regina isn’t so demographically unlike neighboring North Dakota in that its 200,000 citizens are mostly white, English-speaking and Protestant. Regina is fundamentally treeless, flat, set upon a waterless plain and bitterly cold in the winter, characteristics that seem to reinforce its status as one of its country’s most homogenous towns. It was there that the multi-ethnic Michael Scholar Jr., once nationally competitive as a junior swimmer, decided to climb out of the pool one frosty morning and into the counterculture.

As a teenager, the theater director grew his hair down his back and started punk-rock bands. Now, at 39, Scholar maintains an outsider’s posture. Not long after strolling into a Broadway restaurant dressed in a geisha-skull t-shirt and jeans he mentions, “Back home, I’m known as the green-skinned Mexican Jew.” Sporting Wolverine-style sideburns and a Mediterranean-olive complexion, he still has the supporting-cast looks he once used to help him get acting gigs.

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