"Ana" at Hive 3

Written by
Michael Scholar, Jr. and Carmen Aguirre

Starring Carmen Aguirre

Designed by
Ilena Lee Cramer
and Karen Z. Matthews


Created and produced with Neworld Theatre, Boca del Lupo, Electric Company, Felix Culpa, Leaky Heaven Circus, the Only Animal, Radix, Rumble Productions, Theatre Replacement, Theatre SKAM, Pi Theatre, and Theatre Conspiracy.

Presented by the Cultural Olympiad

577 Great Northern Way

March 10 - 13 and 17 - 20, 2010

BC's best known independent theatre companies reconvene for a theatrical 'choose your own adventure', and this time November Theatre will be contributing.  Short pieces, for small audiences each happening simultaneously under one roof.  Watch, drink and get a good buzz.  Presented by the Cultural Olympiad.